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  • MANDATORY HEALTH CHECKS - use TeamSnap app before every event
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8April Covid Quarantine Requirements
Copy of email sent to all families 4/8/2021:   Good morning...
MANDATORY Health Checks
March 26 email to league:   Good evening Newtown Youth...
Masks Mandatory for all events - Players included
  Until further notice, mask wearing is mandatory for all...
8April Covid Quarantine Requirements

Copy of email sent to all families 4/8/2021:


Good morning NYLA families and coaches,

This is a clarification of our Covid quarantine requirements:

-If a player is required to quarantine due to having close contact with someone that has been tested positive for Covid-19, that player must quarantine for a full 14 days.  There are currently no options to reduce this 14-day period.  

-If a player tests positive for Covid-19, they are required to be cleared by their Primary Care Physician prior to returning to play.  

These requirements are discussed in the attached document outlining the CT Department of Public Health Updated Guidance for the Operation of Interscholastic, Youth and other Amateur Sport Activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic, dated 19 March 2021.  (page 5)

I've also attached the CT Interscholastic Athletic Conference 2021 Spring Sports Plan, updated 24 March 2021.  Although we are not governed by CIAC, their recommendations for close contact quarantine and positive Covid-19 players mimics the CT DPH guidance that our local Health District follows.  You can read this guidance on pages 2 and 3.  

This is in place until further notice.  

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Newtown Youth Lacrosse 


CT DPH Guidance 19Mar2021

CIAC Spring Sports Plan update 24Mar2021

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by posted 04/03/2021
MANDATORY Health Checks

March 26 email to league:


Good evening Newtown Youth lacrosse families, 

It's been a long time, but practices for our season start tomorrow!

This email is to inform you that before every NYLA event this season, until further notice, we will require a completed Health Check for all players and coaches via the TeamSnap application.  You should have received an invitation to join TeamSnap for your assigned team for the Spring season.

CT Department of Public Health's latest guidance mandates we conduct a health screening before every event, and track who attended the event.  TeamSnap is a convenient way to do both. 

I've attached a tutorial on how to do this on the app.  We wrote it for our Winter Clinics, so please ignore where it says 'clinic', and insert practice or game.  

The window to conduct the check opens up no earlier than 8 hours prior to a scheduled event.  

Please read this carefully: without a complete health check on TeamSnap, your son/daughter will NOT be allowed to participate in that day's event.  

As a trial, we used this system for our winter clinics, but took temperatures as a backup.  Each week, 25-35% of participants did not take the time to complete the check on the app.  It honestly takes a minute to open the app, select the day's event, and complete the 5 questions.  

We will not be taking temperatures at the field.  The only way to complete the check is via the app.

It will help your coach greatly if this is complete no later than 30 minutes prior to the beginning of practice, or showtime for games.  

Please don't drop off your player and leave unless you know you've completed the check.  Again, if not complete, your son/daughter will be isolated from their team, and not permitted to participate.  Obviously this is NOT what we'd prefer, but it is required.  

I know there will be growing pains with this, but we need your help to conduct this season safely, and in compliance with local covid mitigation strategies.  

First practice is tomorrow morning for our Senior 7/8 Girls.  Let's have a great season!!

Kevin Massett

Health Check Tutorial

by posted 03/26/2021
Masks Mandatory for all events - Players included
Until further notice, mask wearing is mandatory for all coaches, volunteers, spectators and players for all indoor and outdoor events.  
Players need to wear masks to/from all events, AND during active competition.
We will update you as guidance changes.  
The below email is from Newtown Parks & Recreation, dated 23 March 2021. 
The document referenced is the CT DPH Guidance for Operation of Interscholastic, Youth and Amateur Sports, dated 19 March 2021.  It can be downloaded HERE.  
Newtown Youth Lacrosse
Hi All,
Based on the attached, bottom of page 4, per CT Department of Public Health as well as our local health department, masks are being mandated for all sports groups at all times, including during active play. This update is/was effective 3/19 through 5/27. This will be enforced. If groups are not following guidelines field use will be revoked. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Victoria Weimann
(203) 270-4378

by posted 03/23/2021